Thursday, 17 March 2011

Current Affairs

There is a triple-decker disaster sandwich brewing in Japan, casual murder by a UK-sponsored dictator in the Middle East, everyone's still fucked in Haiti and it's not like there's been much of a recovery from the 2004 Tsunami, a million bad things happening all over the place and yet people like me, small-minded shits, can't help but think IF STARGATE UNIVERSE HAD ANY WRITERS WITH A SOUL, CHLOE WOULD HAVE TURNED INTO A LIVING BOMB BY NOW AND EXPLODED SOME DISCERNIBLE DRAMA INTO THIS 'FRIENDS IN SPACE' DRIVEL that I still can't help but watch because I'm a prick who could spend his mornings volunteering at a disaster charity but instead just wants to watch some half-decent scifi...
good diagram, appropriate sentiment

Saturday, 29 January 2011


almost exactly a year, how seasonal!

new things being worked on - trying to get on with more writing, putting together a campaign for and trying to find work due to hitting another dead end.

Feeling somewhat precarious in all things just now; but getting help, so that's good.