Friday, 9 October 2009

creativity is fun!

This is a nice little work of art I created - well, directed the creation of, since paddy did all the technical stuff - for my friend Tom for his birthday, which is today (happy birthday Tom!). It's part of a running joke we've had for about two years, based on a scene in Ultimate Force which could be interpreted as The Kempmeister suffering a breakdown and entering into a fantasy world due to his wife and kids leaving him.
Naturally, this delusion then extended to the entirety of the events of the series Ultimate Force, and then onward to all of reality as we know it.

(On the slim off chance that Ross or his lawyers find this, I'd like to say it's just a joke, and I have muchos respect for anyone who'd throw himself balls-first into warzones for the entertainment of the goggle-eyed viewers of Sky One, so no offence intended!)

and here is the piece in all its ineffable glory!

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