Wednesday, 21 January 2009


There is only so much truth we can fit into one day.

I have delved, and I have investigated, and I have realised the following Science, based upon my own library:
As you can see, small books can be awesome, in fact the smallest are often considerably more awesome than a normal-sized peer.

Toward the middle of the graph, we can see a bottoming out in the awesomeness of books relative to size. This is not to say there aren't any awesome normal sized books, but rather, if a book is not awesome, it is probably normal-sized.

I have labelled the region where the dullards lie 'the Vale of Paperbacks' as you can see.

Finally, you can see a gradual increase in the awesomeness of books, through the mid-sized, to an appreciable peak.

My findings lead me to theorise that with a book large enough, we could prove that Gravity = Awesome. The only downside would be the resulting cults.


  1. Another case for the small awesome books here!

    Read Atomic Robo last night and it is indeed awesome - the Stephen Hawking thing is even funnier in context... :o)

  2. damn straight you did! and I love the melancholy death of oyster boy, but haven't ever owned a copy of my own. I will file it under 'awesome'.

    Atomic Robo wins, make sure it goes Roland's way ASAP.