Saturday, 17 January 2009

A new space

Steph had the idea to increase her creative output by outputting more creativity. Maybe I should do the same?
My most recent concept is to take the overall premise of Went The Day Well?, that of a safe, inviting, instantly lovable place shattered by horror and that accompanying outrage, and transpose that into a 40K setting - it's not just the large, hi-tech planets that suffer from invasion, and there's not always a reasonable line of defence beyond basic Imperial civilians and their priest.
In general, I feel there are certain aspects of the Imperium that need greater exposure, as they are vital to the survival of the heroes that are so well-known and loved, and with good enough characters and story could be given a smidge of the same respect. These aspects are the Munitorum and ordinary civilians.

Important themes to be explored:-
- The contrast between the tranquility and Archers-esque timelessness of the rural settlement, and the sheer alien-ness of the (as-yet unselected) foe. Every aspect of the invaders must be jarring and unfamiliar, their acts, reasoning, movement, motives, and every sensory perception of them. There will be no sections from their perspective. Hints of 'Signs', without the wank.
- Also the physical weakness of the inhabitants against their fierce, small-world pride and indomitable will, a very British WW2 feel. Little old ladies!

Knowing my style, and my recent cinema visits, if this ever becomes a story it'll decend rapidly into Lovecraftian horror.

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